How to protect your phone from virus?

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Virus attacks are increasing day by day. How to protect your money and data from these virus attacks. There are few simple steps through which you can be secured. It is true that hackers always find a new method to attack your device but you have to be careful when you are online. Virus like Ransomware was in trend this year. So read these few points to be secured from your side.

Following are the things you can do to protect your device

  1. Avoid clicking on Popups on mobile games and while surfing on websites.
  2. Think before you click on suspicious links.
  3. Think before granting permission to an app.
  4. Do not save the password in your phones, contacts, browser, third-party apps and browser extensions.
  5. User a good antivirus to protect your device and go for paid versions.
  6. Do a regular backup of your data on online drives, external devices etc.




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