How To Restore Deleted Message On Whatsapp


If you have deleted some message accidentally or want to read someone’s chat who has deleted their chat history to protect from others, you can easily restore their messages. Everyday WhatsApp starts a scheduled backup at 4 A.M. This backup file is stored in your phone’s memory. You can restore that backup file and read the message that was deleted yesterday. You can check the old backups. File Manager > WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Chat Settings > Backup... Read More

What is mobile infection? How to protect mobile from infection


Do you know mobile is a medium thru which bacteria is carried from one person/place to another? It is one of the easiest ways to transfer infection. From a survey, it was calculated that 82% of people have an extremely high level of bacteria on their mobile phones. Some bacteria’s found on mobiles were Ebola (for intestine infection), pneumonia and much more. These bacteria can harm your respiratory system. Nowadays almost every person is using mobile phone with 5-6inch screen size... Read More

WhatsApp New Feature to Manage Bulk Message and Spam


To improve user experience now WhatsApp is working on a new update of managing bulk message and spam messages. WhatsApp is basically targeting to those messages which a send in bulk for marketing and other purposes. If a user does not want to receive such message he/she has the option to manage them. As you have seen earlier WhatsApp owned by Facebook has created a lot of new features to improve the user experience. Some recent features like Pay through WhatsApp with UPI feature. Privacy... Read More

Importance of Social Media for Job Search


Do you know 92% of companies are using social media to know about the candidates? It’s not about LinkedIn only, Recruiters use Facebook and other social media also about the life and interests of the candidate. So, for candidates, it is very important to update their social media accounts accordingly. How social media helps candidates in getting selected for their job interviews? Social media is very important to judge the reputation and potential of the candidate. Recruiters go... Read More

UPI Feature Now on WhatsApp


After Hike, Google, PayTm has lunched peer-to-peer money sharing feature on their platforms now WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature of using UPI. Through this feature, user can transfer money from one to another thru WhatsApp. For this, both the users should be active on UPI. What is UPI? UPI means Unified Payment Interface. It is launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). This is designed to provide a simple and easy method of send and receiving the payment.... Read More

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