How to migrate Wordpress site manually?


To move Wordpress website to new domain take care of few things before starting the process. • Download Cpanel Backup • Download SQL Backup • Download Website Backup (public_html) • Domain transferred successfully. • Copy paste your source code. To Transfer Wordpress Website we will use website backup and SQL backup only but on the safer side, I would recommend you to download Cpanel backup also.   So, to copy a WordPress site from one domain to... Read More

How To Move An Email Account from one Cpanel server to another


Before starting this process of migrating emails from One Cpanel to another Cpanel. Check these things. You hosting is ready Your web hosting is ready and the website is live. Domain transferred Your domain is successfully transferred from previous services providers  Test Your Mail There is always a risk in transferring your emails and if let suppose you transferred your domain name email account and it is not working so you will start finding solution related to email... Read More

What are MIME types?


Full form of MIME is Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. It is basically the file type, in other words format of the file. If we take an example of an image, its type can be of “png”,”jpg” etc. These are known as file extension but on web we have to specify about it as “image/png”, “image/jpeg” this tell specifically about the type of file you are downloading, uploading or using for some other purposes. Web developers also uses these mime type... Read More

10 Steps to optimize your website for SEO


 What is SEO? SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO is practice that you do to optimize your website on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). It is a long term process. You can read: Why Google AdWords is better than SEO? But no doubt SEO is good for long term business. Other factors depends on your competitors and domain life etc. 10 factors to optimize your website and get a good ranking: 1. Keyword Relevancy You should use your main keyword in your Title, H1, URL and... Read More

Why Google Adwords is Better Than SEO?


This is a common question for a person who is starting online marketing. A person basically knows that in Google AdWords we have to spend for each and every click and if we go for SEO well will rank on the first page and no matter how many clicks are there. Budget and Timing SEO: You have to pay to your agency every month for every keyword. Google AdWords: You have to set your daily budget. Set Ad Time Scheduling. You can stop your ads at lunchtime, holidays and Sundays. You... Read More

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