How to promote your website without spending a penny?


How to promote your website without spending a penny? Do you have a website and do want to hire or pay to marketing company? Here a simple solution for you. You need to do few upgrades in your website and should have knowledge of few things. 1. New Content Content is the king, no website can ranking if it is running on outdated content. You need to add content on your website regularly so that Google Robots also known as spider can get new content when they visit your website. But, the... Read More

6 Tips To Save Battery Life


Tired of using battery saving apps but still not got a good battery backup? Time to take care of few things and this will surely improve your battery and phone performance. Let's learn few more small tips to save your phone's battery life. 1. Phone's charging duration. Do not charge anytime. Only charge when your battery is below 10% and charge it upto 100% and even 5 mins after it reaches 100%. Charge only from original chargers to improve phone's battery backup. Do not... Read More

3 Security Tips For Online Transactions


In this digital world were do online payments on a regular basis. There are many people who do not know how to do it safely. Lack of safely who doing online payment can lead to many problems. Few safety tips for you: 1. Always make payment through trusted sites There are many brands who are selling online. Many websites those who accept online payment are not secured. So for safety, you should look that website has https not only http. 's' in http is for 'secured'. But,... Read More

Ransomware Attacks on Android


Hey! Your phone is at risk. Yes, this is true recently ransomware is again in trend. Ransomware is a kind of virus which encrypts your files and ask for money to decrypt them. This time phones are targeted with this attack. According to researchers, this ransomware is distributed via a fake Adobe Flash Player apps spread using compromised websites. It is downloaded normally in the victim’s phones normally and ask for administrative permissions. What are administrative... Read More

How to protect your phone from virus?


Virus attacks are increasing day by day. How to protect your money and data from these virus attacks. There are few simple steps through which you can be secured. It is true that hackers always find a new method to attack your device but you have to be careful when you are online. Virus like Ransomware was in trend this year. So read these few points to be secured from your side. Following are the things you can do to protect your device Avoid clicking on Popups on mobile games and... Read More

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