5 Marketing Strategy for Gym


This blog is for GYM Owners who want to promote their business and want more people in their Gym. You will find a lot more points to promote your business online and it's easy!. So, Here are the "5 Marketing Strategy for Gym Owner" 1. Increase Visibility With Facebook Ads. Did you recently open a Gym? or running it from years. awesome! People don't know about your Gym. Earlier people used to do offline marketing through posters etc. But now the time has changed. You... Read More

Google Adwords Can Spend Twice of Your Daily Budget


Updated on 4 October 2017 Google can now spend 2x of your daily budget It is said that your monthly budget will not be affected and it will be managed as like before. Earlier google can spend up to 20 percent. Generally, for the people who do their AdWords Payment daily and paid an amount for a day there are still in benefit because Google can now spend double of your daily budget but when you don't have an amount in your Google Adwords Account you will not be overcharged. If your... Read More

Email Marketing Do and Dont


Email marketing is a very powerful tool to interact with customers, share information and get business. Email marketing can be used for: Affiliate Marketing For sharing Content Newsletters  Send Promotion offers Branding Surveys But we can not do send email to everyone. Just thinking that emails are free and we freely send to many and not tacking them can be very harmfull. If you send emails to everybody. If for most people it is irrelevant and they mark it as... Read More

3 Factors Not Affecting Google Ranking


There are top 3 Factors which will not affect your Organic Search Ranking on Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) 1. Social Count We have seen on many websites it shows social buttons to share the content on different social platforms. The social buttons also show social count that how many times the content is being shared. In most cases, it is fake too. Very rarely people share the content on social media from any website. But being positive, if people share content and it will only... Read More

What is Cache Data?


Talking about What is Cache, Cache in simple terms is just a data that stores on your computer, mobile etc. Caches are created automatically by bt browser. It improves the website loading speed if you are a returning visitor. You must have observed like if you open a website for the first time it takes time to load and if you open that website again the loading time reduces. This is because of Cache Data. Cache data store data of your website on your system and helps to load faster... Read More

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