3 Secrets to Finding More Time in a Day
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3 Secrets to Finding More Time in a Day

3 Secrets to Finding More Time in a Day

 Amrit Pal Singh  27-09-2017  No Tags  No Categories

Everybody is running to reach their destination. Traveling consumes a lot of time. Waiting for People consumes a lot of time. Some people are running really work hard a lot but still, they are unable to finish their work with 24 hours.

if you earn 50k a month you still want more. In the same way, if there are 24 hours you will want more but you have to accept for everybody there are 24 hours a day. Some people manage to do the work and finish it and some are unable to finish it. So, how to make a balance? You take care of few points and it will help you a allot.

1. Create a To-Do list

You can write your tasks on a diary, phone or use a mobile app. A mobile app would be the best option as is provides you a lot of features like a reminder and other things. Don't assign all you task in 1 day. Practically think over it and schedule your whole week and take a grace time too. When you start making a schedule and making the task as "Done". This will automatically encourage you to do everything on time.

2. Break Your Addictions

You area very busy person for everyone and you feel the same but you never observe that when you start scrolling you facebook feeds and open you youtube you spend a lot of time. When you start watching TV minimum to spend half an hour because you are unable to left the episode without finishing it.

3. Good Night Sleep

Sleeping? I don't have time to sleep. Working is going around my mind and I am unable to sleep peacefully and on time. Most of the people face such situation. If you schedule your task you have to finish only the scheduled task not everything. So you have time to sleep with a peace of mind that you have completed your today work. Sleeping properly with a peace of mind with improving your mind and act actively for next day.


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