6 Tips To Save Battery Life
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6 Tips To Save Battery Life

6 Tips To Save Battery Life

 Amrit Pal Singh  10-11-2017  mobile phones, android  android

Tired of using battery saving apps but still not got a good battery backup? Time to take care of few things and this will surely improve your battery and phone performance. Let's learn few more small tips to save your phone's battery life.

1. Phone's charging duration.

Do not charge anytime. Only charge when your battery is below 10% and charge it upto 100% and even 5 mins after it reaches 100%. Charge only from original chargers to improve phone's battery backup. Do not put it on overnight charge every time. But, you can put your phones charging at night (approx 5-6 hours) once a month. This improves the battery life.

2. Background Applications

We don't notice but our apps are the top most reason for battery draining. To reduce battery draining take care of few things

  • Stop notifications of apps which you don't require.
  • Every time you download a new app observer your battery for 1 or 2 days. There are many apps which use your alot of battery.
  • Open Settings > Applications. Check the running apps and you will know that which apps are running in the background and using more power.

3. Avoid Battery Saving Apps

You use data cleaning apps and battery saving apps. These apps mostly show that they optimise your phones and stops the background apps. This is true they stop background running apps but you don't know which apps are stopped. Maybe that app is required by your phones for proper functioning. You must have observed that your phones hang little bit for some second after optimisation, that is because mandatory apps are starting again. Leave such apps and optimise your background running apps manually.

4. Turn off Mobile Data and WiFi

You don't have to be 24x7 online. Remember WiFi uses less battery as compared to mobile data. Always prefer WiFi. Usually, we are connected to WiFi at our home and workplace but when we left without turning it off. As a result, our phone's WiFi keeps on searching for WiFi signal to get connected. This searching also uses your battery which is completely of no use.

5. Battery Signals

Do you use Dual SIM? Try using Single SIM for few days. You will see a difference in battery backup. This is because when you have low signal your battery consumption increases and when your use dual SIM. Low signal battery consumption will be twice. When you are inside, in your home or workplace. your signal strength goes down and battery consumption goes up. 

6. Heating drains your battery

When your phone is heating up your battery starts draining faster. Try not to keep our phones in such places where your phone gets warm up. Like if you keep it in your pocket in a rush place, your phone will heat up. Phones are kept in purse, bags etc. Inside it signal is low and the phone gets heats up and as a result, without using your phone your battery drains fast. Phone heating is also due to phone covers. Choose your phone cover wisely and remove it in small intervals.

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