Ransomware Attacks on Android
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Ransomware Attacks on Android

Ransomware Attacks on Android

 Amrit Pal Singh  26-10-2017  mobile phones, android  android

Hey! Your phone is at risk. Yes, this is true recently ransomware is again in trend. Ransomware is a kind of virus which encrypts your files and ask for money to decrypt them. This time phones are targeted with this attack.

According to researchers, this ransomware is distributed via a fake Adobe Flash Player apps spread using compromised websites. It is downloaded normally in the victim’s phones normally and ask for administrative permissions.

What are administrative permissions?

These are the admin permissions that are given to an apps. User himself allows the access to the app. When the app has the admin access it has the right to remotely lock your phone, wipe all the data, locate your device, mange ring and change passwords too. This permission are mainly granted to apps like, anti-theft, anti-virus, cleaning and battery maintenance apps. 

So when the victim allows the access to ransomware, the admin right are activated and it set itself as the default home application. 

How Ransomware attacks?

Ransomware dubbed DoubleLocker can lock a victim’s phone by changing the device’s PIN. After that it encrypts all of your files in phone and it is impossible for the victim to unlock those files without paying them.

The ransomware encrypts all data stored in the device using the AES encryption algorithm. It means it can be decrypted only with the key.
Hackers have used the simplest and most effective way to trick user’s i.e social engineering. It is a method used by the hackers to attack the user.


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