How To Move An Email Account from one Cpanel server to another
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How To Move An Email Account from one Cpanel server to another

How To Move An Email Account from one Cpanel server to another

 Amrit Pal Singh  11-02-2018  No Tags  cpanel

Before starting this process of migrating emails from One Cpanel to another Cpanel. Check these things.

You hosting is ready

Your web hosting is ready and the website is live.

Domain transferred

Your domain is successfully transferred from previous services providers

 Test Your Mail

There is always a risk in transferring your emails and if let suppose you transferred your domain name email account and it is not working so you will start finding solution related to email account transferring issue but it is possible that there would be some other error also. Like MX record issue or something.

So, I would recommend you to first check your emails are working or not and for that create a new domain name mail id and set a password for that. After that open your webmail and send a mail to your own mail id. After you receive it on your mail id reply it back on your domain name email account.

By this way you can be sure about the server setting are correct.

Now, let’s take a look at how to initiate the process of moving email from one host to another

The best and easiest way to do that is

1.    Open Cpanel > File Manager > mail

2.    Open the folder “mail” and find a folder with the name of your domain name.

3.    After that, you will see a folder name of your email id. Example your email id is so folder name would be “info”.

4.    Download that folder in your system.

5.    Open you new Cpanel > File Manager > Mail and copy this folder.

6.    After this again open your Cpanel > etc

7.    Find the folder name with your domain name. Download it and upload it to your new server.

8.    After that, you do not have to create new email id. It will reflect their automatically.

9.    Now just send and receive the test email.

Now after moving your web server email id to the new web server, you can use it on your outlook, Gmail and other software’s. Normally people configure it on the outlook for their office use. But, you can use Gmail too for this purpose. Some people are more comfortable in using Gmail as compared to outlook.

To configure your web server (Cpanel) in Gmail read the following steps:

1.    Open your Gmail Settings. (Gearbox on right top)

2.    After that, you will able to see tabs. Open fourth tab “Accounts and Imports”

3.    After that, there will be a section with the heading of “Send mail as: (Use Gmail to send from your other email addresses)”.

4.    On the right side of it you can see your Gmail id and below it, you can see “Add another email address”. Click on it.

5.    Now open your webmail client configuration settings.

6.    Open new Gmail pop, enter your name and domain name email address.

7.    In username enter the email id and for password use your domain name email id’s password.

8.    For SMTP and port you can check “configuration setting on webmail”

9.    From radio button choose your type and you just have to enter the details written in your “configuration settings”

After all, set, when you click on compose there is an option of “to” to whom you will send the email and below that “From” there will be a drop down to choose from which email id you want to receive the email.

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