5 tips for choosing the perfect domain
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5 tips for choosing the perfect domain

5 tips for choosing the perfect domain

 Amrit Pal Singh  26-08-2017  Website Designing, Domain name registration  domain, Website Development, WordPress, Website Designing

1. Choose Domain name with ".com"

To build long term brand online nothing better than a ".com" domain. You can use 301 permanent redirects to divert your traffic from ".net", "". Some times for a better company reputation you have to choose ".co" or "" but considering online marketing ".com" is best so you can use redirection to solve this issue.


2. Easy to type

Your domain name should be so simple that you can tell it easily. It should be easy to type and easy to remember. It should not contain any kind of special symbols. On marketing point, you can use special symbols but it's always better to, not to use special symbols in your domain name. Using special symbol can make user confuse in some cases too. So you should go for Easy to Type, Easy to Convery, Easy to Remember domain name.


3. User Keywords in Domain

When you are selecting your domain name, remember that nobody knows you. People will know you after you go for the branding of your business at affordable rates. For more discussion on branding, you can contact us. But without marketing and branding, people use a keyword for meet their requirements. If they don't know you, people will type the keyword in search engine and if your domain is having that keyword in your domain, you will get a better ranking as 'Keyword in URL' is very important for better visibility and when you domain name is having it, you will get a better visibility.


4. Keep is Short

This is one of the best tips to choose a domain name, that you should use a short URL. Considering Keyword in marketing you should not go for a long URL. You have to remember it that you have to print it on your Business card and offline market also. Short URL can be rememberable to users and that the main thing for your growth that your name, your URL is remembered by users.


5. Go for Suggestions

Use online tools that help you in deciding which is the best domain name. These online free software provide you lots of suggestion meeting your business category. Choosing a domain is a very major point because later on, you can change your website, change your hosting plan or company but your domain name i.e your online address is spread online, on local directories and much more. Even your business emails are linked to your domain name. So, it will be very difficult to change your domain name later.

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