How to promote your business with Facebook ads
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How to promote your business with Facebook ads

How to promote your business with Facebook ads

 Amrit Pal Singh  20-06-2021  Google Ads, online promotion, social media, google, facebook  online marketing, social media, facebook market

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin have a huge audience base and they manage user’s data in such a manner that their age, location, interest, gender, what they search for, which topics there are interested in everything is stored in a proper manner. All social media platform manages data in a proper manner, as a result, we, as a business owner can target our customers properly. There are organic methods of promotion on social media such as connecting people through groups and pages but these free methods are not much targeted and in groups, there are mostly competitors only. If we talk about Facebook and other social media platform pages. Our content and updates are limited to people who are following our page. So, through organic methods, we have limited access and high risk or account block as these things come under spamming if we do a lot of sharing in groups and other activities.


If we talk about paid promotion on social media. It is the most efficient way to promote our business as social media has a huge audience database and comparing with google ads, Facebook ads are a lot cheaper because we are supping our ads without any demand of the user. Another reason that Facebook ads are cheaper because there is no competition. In Google Ads first demand is generated by the user and then ads is supplied that is why high cost and high conversion and in Facebook low cost and low conversion and sometimes have to create demand also. Both the platforms are good depending on the business goals and budget.

In Facebook ads, we can promote our product and services based on gender, age, location and more. There are various types of ads such as brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation, etc. There are also different methods to view ads such as a single image, slide show, video. You can also do remarketing by linking website traffic to ads.

For example, you see any product on eCommerce stores such as Amazon or Flipkart. After that, you see those products everywhere on different websites and social media.

Conclusion: You are a small business owner, a new start-up or running a business on large scale. Facebook media ads give fruit full leads out of the boundaries of your groups and pages. You already know the value of a new lead because initially, it can’t be profitable but with new lead’s renewal business and references and can earn a lot in long run. So, start Facebook promotion and start getting leads instantly and grow your business.

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