How to promote your website without spending a penny?
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How to promote your website without spending a penny?

How to promote your website without spending a penny?

 Amrit Pal Singh  15-11-2017  online promotion  online marketing

How to promote your website without spending a penny?

Do you have a website and do want to hire or pay to marketing company? Here a simple solution for you. You need to do few upgrades in your website and should have knowledge of few things.

1. New Content

Content is the king, no website can ranking if it is running on outdated content. You need to add content on your website regularly so that Google Robots also known as spider can get new content when they visit your website. But, the problem arises that a website is created and have some common pages such as Homepage, about us, Contact and Product or Services. People don’t have anything to add to create a new page and changing is same page makes no sense.

To add new content people now a days to write blogs. These blogs are used in multiple ways such as to increase customer’s knowledge, sharing on social media and emails. Do don’t have to hide you knowledge. Share what you have in your mind. Your user will get a lot stuff to read on your website. Whenever they visit your website they will get some new content to read and gain free knowledge. In technical terms it improves your CTR (Click through Rate) simply means number of people who click on your website. As your gets more content same way Google Robot will also get new content on your website and thing is boost your SERP (Google Engine Search Page) Ranking.

2. Duplicate Content

Never add duplicate content on your website. Google is enough intelligent to check duplicate content. Earlier people used to copy content from other person website and paste it on their own. But if now you are doing this, you will not get a good rank on Google Search Page.

What is the solution?

You can read content on other and then write on your own.

3. Domain Selection

For marketing purpose you don’t need a domain on your brand name if your brand name is not popular. But everybody want that they should use their brand name in domain. So the solution is you have to two website. One is where you will use you marketing work and one is your brand image. For brand name domain you can do according to you. For marketing you should use keyword in your domain. Eg: You can use this type of domain for a good visibility. If you still do not want to invest your money and time on marketing domain and different website. Make multiple pages with those keywords. Eg:

4. Social Media

Social Media is very powerful tool for selling your product and services. You can write an article and share it on social media. There are many social media’s from where user and robots will visit your website and boost your website ranking. Google Robots works same as actual user. Google wants customer/user satisfaction so robot works same as user activity. Easy navigation and clear, systematic and mobile friendly content providers you a Google ranking.

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