14 Types Of Google Searches - Google Hacks
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14 Types Of Advanced Google Searches - Google Hacks

14 Types Of Advanced Google Searches - Google Hacks

 Amrit Pal Singh  09-06-2018  search engine ranking  life Hacks

1. Explicit Phrase

If you want to search for Website designing company in Delhi. Normally you just type the query but to get better results you can type it in an explicit phrase like “website designing company in Delhi”. You will get better results with this method.

2. Exclude Words

This method is used to exclude a particular word in your search query. Let suppose you want to search for Online Marketing Company. This will result in all website of all countries, states, areas and all the blogs. But if you do not want to see online marketing company of Delhi. So, to do it, you can type online Marketing Company - Delhi. You have to use “-“ and the negative word after it.

3. Words in the Text + Title

If you want to find a particular term in a website you can simply use intext:

Example  intext:apswebhub

4. Words in the Title

If you want to search a website which should have a particular word in title. You can use allintitle:

Example: allintitle:website designing company in Tilak nagar

5. Words in the URL

Looking for a particular word in URL. You can use allinurl:apswebhub

6. Search within a Website

If want to search a particular website with a particular phrase. Even If the website does not have search option still this feature will work. Example: "TilakNagar.

7. Related Search

If you want to search for a website that is related to a particular website you can use this method.

8. Definition of a word

To find meaning of the word you can use define:website

9. Missing Words

Ever forgotten a word or two from a specific phrase, song lyric, movie quote, or something else? You can use an asterisk* as a wildcard, which can help you find the missing word in a phrase.  Example Search: much * about nothing

10. Specific Document type search

Want to know all the pdf documents or any other document of website? This option is for you.

Example: "apswebhub" filetype:pdf

11. Calculator

You can see Google Calculator in Google Search. Just type the calculation like 10 + 2

12. Timer

You can a use a timer in Google Search.

13. Stopwatch

 You stopwatch watch in a google search.

14. Weather

You can know weather with dates range.


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