10 Steps to optimize your website for SEO
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10 Steps to optimize your website for SEO

10 Steps to optimize your website for SEO

 Amrit Pal Singh  02-12-2017  online promotion, search engine ranking  online marketing, search engine optimization SEO

 What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO is practice that you do to optimize your website on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). It is a long term process. You can read: Why Google AdWords is better than SEO? But no doubt SEO is good for long term business. Other factors depends on your competitors and domain life etc.

10 factors to optimize your website and get a good ranking:

1. Keyword Relevancy

You should use your main keyword in your Title, H1, URL and content. Do not do keyword stuffing. You should high light your keyword but do not use is a lot. Google is smarter than you. When you link your website to different website try to use keyword in anchor tag.

2. Quality Content

Keep writing! To optimize your website add a good quality and quantity of content. Add blogs to your website and any updates that you would like to share. Adding Videos that will engage people for more time. Writing Articles regularly will improve ranking of your website.

3. Site Speed

Website Speed depends on how fast your website loads. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are recently launched. It boosts website speed of your web page on mobile. How much your images are optimized, how much your java scripts are linked on the webpage. CDN files load faster as compared to your file that is on your server. More animations require more Java script files and this will decrease speed on your website.

4. Cross Device Experience


Now a days, people use more mobile as compare to desktop. increase your ranking your website should be responsive. Responsive means your website should be different on different device. You should be able to clearly read on website. User don’t have to do “zoom” to read the text.

5. Internal Linking

Internal linking means to like your website internal with different pages. When Google Robot enters your website and starts clawing on webpages that are linked with hyperlink text. With internal linking Spider (Google Robot) crawls more web pages and user also move to different pages and reduces the percentage of bonce rate. This will boost your ranking. 

6. Domain Authority

Domain age matters a lot. Domain Authority means the power of your domain. As everyone knows SEO is long term process so old domain will rank higher, more content and traffic, number of backlinks all effect your domain authority.

7. Meta Details

Meta detail such as title, description, keywords are valuable to optimize your website. Different search engine use different parameters to optimize your website. Majorly people use Google to search but there are other search engines also such as yahoo, Bing etc. Google focus on Title and description and don’t focus on keyword. Due to this concept people don’t work on keywords in Meta tags but other search engine might focus on it to boost your ranking.

8. Images Optimization

Optimize an image is a very important concept for different purposes. Your image should contain title, alt tag where you have to write the image name. This is good for search engine to read the image and In case image fail to load, the alt text will be visible on the web page. You should use custom image name and you can add keyword or name of the images. Image size should be small and should be in PNG, JPG or GIF only. Small size image will boost page speed.

9. Social Signals

Social signal is a very powerful way to boost your website. When you share your content on social sites robots and people will visit your web pages and this will increase visits. Increase in traffic will increase ranking of your website.

10. Hidden Text

If you are planning to add lots of keywords on your web pages to get good ranking and that content should not reflect on webpage for user. You want to hide it by changing in color for users thinking that robots will read it only then you are going in wrong direction. Google is smarter than you. This will not boost your ranking infect it is a black hat. Black hat means using those technics which are prohibited by Google. This is move your position down. Robots read and promote only those things which a user can see.

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