3 Factors Not Affecting Google Ranking
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3 Factors Not Affecting Google Ranking

3 Factors Not Affecting Google Ranking

 Amrit Pal Singh  08-10-2017  online promotion, google, search engine ranking  online marketing

There are top 3 Factors which will not affect your Organic Search Ranking on Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

1. Social Count

We have seen on many websites it shows social buttons to share the content on different social platforms. The social buttons also show social count that how many times the content is being shared. In most cases, it is fake too. Very rarely people share the content on social media from any website. But being positive, if people share content and it will only increase the count of the social displayed on the website just to attract the users that, see how many times it is being shared which means it is really useful but Google doesn't care about it.

But ya if you share content on social media and this leads to generate traffic that will surely visit your website then google cares. Getting social traffic indicates that content is really powerful and useful for the users that's why people from social media are visiting the web page. This boosts your ranking.

2. Google Services and Apps

Google provides lots of apps to a user for the diffrent purposes such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, sheets and much more. These are services of google but it will not play any effective role in increasing your ranking in Google Search.

3. Separator characters

In the title tag which is normally displayed on the tab of each contains information about the website and the page. Company name and page name is written on the title tag. To separate it we use special characters like

" | "

" : "
" - "

these things will not play any role in Google search ranking. Google only reads your content and display it to user on the relevant search query.

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