5 Marketing Strategy for Gym
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5 Marketing Strategy for Gym

5 Marketing Strategy for Gym

 Amrit Pal Singh  22-10-2017  online promotion  online marketing

This blog is for GYM Owners who want to promote their business and want more people in their Gym. You will find a lot more points to promote your business online and it's easy!.

So, Here are the "5 Marketing Strategy for Gym Owner"

1. Increase Visibility With Facebook Ads.

Did you recently open a Gym? or running it from years. awesome! People don't know about your Gym. Earlier people used to do offline marketing through posters etc. But now the time has changed. You can run a facebook branding ads just to make people know you and know about your gym. After branding ads, you can start a lead generation ads and get customers through Facebook. Everybody knows that Facebook has a lot audience and you can get a great business through it. If you own a website it's a plus point because you can run Google Ads also. You can customise your ads based on gender, age, location, interest etc for marketing of your Gym.

2. Offer a Coupon Deal for Groups

Are per our human tendency, everyone is attracted for a free seminars, free training or a free diet chat. So here you can offer things like "Referral customer". If one brings another customer he will get a discount. If a group of 3 people joins they will get 50% Off for 1st month. People registering for 1 year they will get Rs. 4000 Off.

3. Encourage Reviews

Your online reputation is a very importation thing to get leads online. You should be popular with good star rating and customer reviews. These things work a lot. You can not satisfy all. There are people who will give negative comments but you have to handle them peacefully and assure them that they will work on the things that were wrong. Turn the review in a positive way. To get more reviews give an offer a "free 1-day training" on giving a review on Facebook or Google.

4. Feature a Gym member every week

Put a video, review of your 1 member every week. This will work a lot in terms of marketing. Put review and video of a person on your official Facebook page. Through this, your Facebook book page will get more content and promotion. People will view this video and will be attracted to your gym. Give an offer of a 1-day free trial with the video. The person will share his video to his friends and your Facebook page will be promoted and will get more likes and views. This will also encourage people that are getting popular on Facebook with your Gym Page.

5. Deliver on Your Fitness Promises

This a very useful marketing strategy for a gym that you have to assure people that when they will join your gym, you will provide such an awesome training and provide proper diet plan that there will reduce 5 kgs in a week. Do not give a fake promise. Show them videos and review who accepted this promise an got results. Show these things online only. When he visits your gym you cannot show him videos or reviews.

Online Marketing is a necessity nowadays. If you want to do branding get more customers you have to show your online availability.

For more tips and run a Facebook/Google ads or create a website contact us or call / WhatsApp on 7838904326

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