How to Grow Business with Google Ads?
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How to Grow Business with Google Ads?

How to Grow Business with Google Ads?

 Amrit Pal Singh  24-11-2019  online promotion, Google Ads  google adwords, online marketing

Overview of Google Ads:

Google ads are paid advertisements of your business or products that seem in search results on with the use of Google Ads or commercials that are seen on different websites in display Network and Google’s Ad Sense Program.




Google ads offer to display Ads, that seem on the display. The Network is a wide collection of outside, third-party websites that have partnered with Google and agreed to serve Google ads. Google ads on the Display Network may be in text, image, video, or rich media format, and can be targeted otherwise. This includes remarketing and banner ads.


5 Tips to Grow Your Business with Google Ads-



1. Google Ads works faster than SEO-

The topmost advantage of Google Ads is that it works quicker than SEO. Both SEO and Google Ads are search engine marketing ways to generate more traffic and leads. Google ads can work much quicker and more effective for a business to get the much converted first spot in search.

Why Google ads are faster and more active as compare to SEO-

  • You will focus on multiple keywords at a time.
  • You can campaign on or off whenever you want to.
  • Ads are seen on the top of the page to get instant visibility.
  • Ad scheduling, location adjustment, ad extensions and different types of ads.


2. Branding-

With google ads, you can promote your brand name by display & remarketing display ads. Under this, your ads will be shown on different websites to increase brand awareness. The cost of display ads is extremely less and reach is across the globe. To check the Google partnered with active to run a study across twelve verticals, right from vehicles to retail. It was revealed that search ads lift top-of-mind responsiveness by an average of 6.6%.

When it comes to SEO, your rank also depends on the number of your brand name searches and its differences. One more reason you can target to increase brand value and awareness through search, as well as display ads.



3. Reconnect to your Website (Remarketing Ads)

It means some people that have visited all the pages on your website but haven’t taken any action. Basically, this reminds them of you and what you could do for them? Enter display Remarketing and RLSA campaigns. If a person visits your website you can target for 540 days through display ads on the Google partner websites in the form of banner ads.


4. Reach a lot of customers through their Gmail Inbox-

In Sept 2015, Google integrated native Gmail ads with Google Ads and created its availability to all promoters, which means you can reach additional prospects through their Gmail inbox. Unsure small bully, Gmail ads seen on the promotion tab & update tab, however, sometimes you can see it on the social tab too. These ads run on each desktop and mobiles. Gmail ads are much cheaper than search ads, if you have a small budget or small business, then you can attempt Gmail ads as well. Based on keywords you can select the targeted audience.



5. Reach a lot of customers through their YouTube-

Google Ads offers many various ways to promote your YouTube videos and drive traffic to support your upper-funnel objectives.

“Promoting on YouTube with video content offers advertisers the opportunity to share their product or service with ads on a platform that was designed for engagement. YouTube may be more use full for both driving new visitors to look at and click to the website also as remarketing to users that have visited your site and have shown interest.”


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