Why Google Adwords is Better Than SEO?
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Why Google Adwords is Better Than SEO?

Why Google Adwords is Better Than SEO?

 Amrit Pal Singh  22-11-2017  Google Ads, social media, google  google adwords, online marketing, ppc, search engine optimization SEO

This is a common question for a person who is starting online marketing. A person basically knows that in Google AdWords we have to spend for each and every click and if we go for SEO well will rank on the first page and no matter how many clicks are there.

  1. Budget and Timing
    1. SEO: You have to pay to your agency every month for every keyword.
    2. Google AdWords: You have to set your daily budget. Set Ad Time Scheduling. You can stop your ads at lunchtime, holidays and Sundays. You can run ads only at office time according to your business.
  2. Ranking
    1. SEO: By paying for a particular key like “Website Designing Company” you cannot rank on the first page. This is not because your agency is doing SEO in a bad manner but the reality this if 100 companies are doing SEO for a particular keyword Google can show only 10 on the first page. A person’s website can be on the 7th page while spending on SEO.
    2. Google AdWords: You can be at top page top position or below that. You can set bidding according to that.
  3. Site Link
    1. SEO: You can have only site links if you are on top. No other extensions.
    2.  Google AdWords: You can use Site links, Call Extension, SMS Extension, Location Extension and much more.
  4. Type of Ads
    1. SEO: You can do promote yourself only in Google search.
    2. Google AdWords: You can promote yourself on Google Search, Display Ads, Gmail Ads, YouTube Ads, Remarking Ads, Call Only Ads, Custom Emails Ads and much more.
  5. Google algorithm
    1. SEO: Algorithm of Google keeps on changing and it does not announce officially that what ranking methods are changed.
    2. Google AdWords: Google Provide on-call support and rarely do a change.
  6. Wrong SEO
    1. SEO: There are no official guidelines for SEO. SEO is done by different methods by different people/agencies. Poor SEO can lead your website ranking down.
    2. Google AdWords: You can give your project to any Google Certified and Experienced person. Even Google will provide you support in case of any problem.
  7. Payment
    1. SEO: You have to pay to your SEO agency every month. You cannot do SEO for 4 – 5 months.
    2. Google AdWords: You have to do recharge and according to your ads will work. You can stop it anytime and resume at any time.
  8. Competitors Keywords
    1. SEO: It is very difficult to rank for competitor keywords.
    2. Google AdWords: You can easily run ads on competitor’s keywords and show why you are better.
  9. Keyword Selection
    1. SEO: You exactly don’t know the search volume of that particular keyword.
    2. Google AdWords: It provides actual data of how many times your ad was visible, how many times it was clicked and what was per click cost. You can optimize it slowly.
  10. Keyword Management
    1. SEO: Let suppose you are dealing with many products, you pay to your SEO agency for the keyword of that product. The SEO agency works well but suddenly you stop dealing with that Product. So you all investment in SEO is a waste.
    2. Google AdWords: You can instantly stop biding on the keyword.
  11. Results
    1. SEO: You have to invest in SEO, do content writing and other things for SEO. After that you are still not sure that you will rank on the first page or not and for how much time.
    2. Google AdWords: You start your campaign and within few minutes your ad is visible and you can start getting leads on the same day. How can calculate each day how much was spend and how much profit you got?

No doubt SEO is the best option for long-term benefit. Below that find the keywords that are costly on Google AdWords, Find the keywords that are relevant and have Google search volume. You have to do both SEO and Google AdWords.

Start with Google AdWords and then slowly move to SEO on high-cost keywords.

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