3 Security Tips For Online Transactions
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3 Security Tips For Online Transactions

3 Security Tips For Online Transactions

 Amrit Pal Singh  09-11-2017  No Tags  online security

In this digital world were do online payments on a regular basis. There are many people who do not know how to do it safely. Lack of safely who doing online payment can lead to many problems. Few safety tips for you:

1. Always make payment through trusted sites

There are many brands who are selling online. Many websites those who accept online payment are not secured. So for safety, you should look that website has https not only http. 's' in http is for 'secured'. But, even if it has https but you do not know them they can steal your money or they will not deliver your product.

2. Use your own system

When you use a cafe or use any other system, you not know what settings they have done to hack your system. So use your own system to login to your bank and do online payments.

3. Use of Virtual Keyboard

Hackers can track your keyboard. So, you should you virtual keyword which is used with a mouse. You do not have to press any key on the keyboard so you hackers cannot trace your keyboard.

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