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6 Powerful Free Tips for Facebook Marketing

6 Powerful Free Tips for Facebook Marketing

 Amrit Pal Singh  17-11-2019  social media, online promotion, facebook  online marketing, social media

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook could be a social media channel that allows businesses to promote their products and services to the available users. Facebook promoting is often achieved through organic strategies and targeted strategies like paid ads.

Usually, businesses begin with organic promoting that helps them develop a user base and brand value without any major investment. Once a large amount of audience is attracted, the second step is to use targeted ads and marketing strategies

Setting Up Facebook Marketing Pages

  1. Cover Image and Profile Picture
  2. About the Company
  3. Posts
  4.  Contact information

7 Powerful Free Tips for Facebook Marketing:

1. Choose the right category that suits your business page

First thing’s: You need a professional business page and not a personal profile.

Here’s my business page:

Facebook 1


I’ll go into more detail about why my page looks the way it does in the remaining tips.

Let’s take note on few key features, including:

  • My profile pictures
  • The “Send Message” CTA
  • My sidebar tabs


facebook marketing 2

These elements will all become important later on. Before I get to all of that, however, I want to mention something important about the setup process.

You’re going to create your profile under a specific category. Facebook has six options:

facebook marketing 3For the majority of people reading this, you may probably fall under the local Business or brand categories. The category type matters as a result of every category have completely different options. local businesses, for example, can have a section for a physical location listing, while an online complete will not. this can be necessary if you’re looking to boost brand awareness.


2. Use Canva to make an attention-grabbing cover image

You don’t need to hire a professional designer to create a stunning and engaging cover image. There is a unit of many great FREE tools you'll use to make or edit your pictures. one of my absolute favourites is Canva. They provide layouts specifically for Facebook covers; which means you don’t have to guess if your image is that the right size or format. And if you can’t notice what you’re trying to find in their wide selection of free templates.

facebook marketing 4

3. Ask questions to boost engagement

Some business owners are still using Facebook as the simplest way to broadcast a one-way message to their fans. However, Facebook works best after you use it for two-way conversations. one of the simplest ways that to try and do this is often to use questions in your posts. Ask your audience for their thoughts and opinions, then be sure to reply to their feedback.


4. Consult Facebook Insights to find out what types of posts resonate with your audience

I like to consider Facebook Insights as my own personal Facebook advisor. You don’t have to be compelled to guess at what types of posts are getting the most engagement with your together with your along with your audience! frequently consult your Insights to check which post types and topics are resonating with your audience…and then post these additional often!


5. Post image quotes

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I take advantage of image quotes! They’re simple to make using a form of free tools and are wonderful for getting likes, comments, and shares. simply overlay a funny, motivational or inspiration quote (your own or somebody else’s) on an eye-catching background, and so share it on your page. Here are a number of my favorite free tools for making amazing graphics!


6. Offer exclusive deals and promotions

52% of people like a brand, page to get coupons or discounts. Attractive pictures with promotional content or you can use coupon codes, and share it on your Facebook page. you'll additionally create a Facebook offer from your page for free; I like to use offers to market a free info product like an eBook. this is often a great thanks to moving your fans into your on-line promoting funnel.

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