Importance of Social Media for Job Search
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Importance of Social Media for Job Search

Importance of Social Media for Job Search

 Amrit Pal Singh  25-02-2018  social media  social media, jobs

Do you know 92% of companies are using social media to know about the candidates? It’s not about LinkedIn only, Recruiters use Facebook and other social media also about the life and interests of the candidate. So, for candidates, it is very important to update their social media accounts accordingly.

How social media helps candidates in getting selected for their job interviews?

Social media is very important to judge the reputation and potential of the candidate. Recruiters go through the social profiles of the candidates to see things like their interest, their friend's circle, education and attitude, your Facebook shares define your interests. How you communicate with others. Facebook is not for professional language but if you are talking with your friends normally, except recruiter can judge many things from those conversations.

value of social media for jobs selection

How to manage social media profile from a job?

You have to manage your profile carefully by avoiding a negative quote, sad quotations. Use quotes which shows that you are a carrier focused person. The cheerful post reflects your nature. How and what type of people comment on your posts and how you interact with them. No doubt a small scale industry will not check everything in detail but you never know about the recruiter. Maybe he/she has enough time to check out your profile or your posts and everything is so engaging that recruiter gets interested in it and check many things. It is counted as Advantages of Social Media for your job selected in a way that what you show to the world/recruiter will be the real image of what you are actually.

You don’t have to be stressed about your profile and even you don’t need any kind of social media optimization for that because the recruiters are just checking about your personal life.

jobs with social media

You must be knowing that you can get jobs through LinkedIn as it has a separate section for it but Facebook and other social media can also help you in getting jobs and you can also go through the company social profile to know more about the company. There regular events because it is possible that they are not publishing everything on their website but they must be uploading detail about every event, company inside social gathering and other stuff on social media. To get updated information about he company you have to be updated about the latest events of the company and social media can help you in this.

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