What is HTTPS. Importance of HTTPS In Websites
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Importance of HTTPS In Websites

Importance of HTTPS In Websites

 Amrit Pal Singh  16-06-2018  Website  Website Designing

User’s data protection is the top most priority of every website owner who is having an online payment gateway. HTTPS is a secure protocol that helps to protect your customer’s information by encrypting data traveling between a web browser and a web server.

HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure.

You have also observed some browsers like Google Chrome mark website as “Not Secured” if they are not using HTTPS.  You can see this option on the left side of the website domain name. Chrome also mentions “Secured” option at the websites who are using HTTPS.

Apart from “Secured” and “Not Secured” You will see a Green lock icon on the left side of URL which signifies the website is secured.

Earlier Google Chrome mark some website as Not Secured. But, from July 2018 Google Chrome will mark this to every website.

You have to use buy SSL from your hosting for moving your website HTTP to HTTPS i.e from unsecured to secured.

In terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). HTTPS is an important factor.

ssl security processThe best time to buy SSL is when you are creating a new website because later the links, ranking and many other things will be affected.

If you were not using SSL (HTTPS) earlier for your website, but now you want to add a payment gateway to your website and use SSL for secured payments. You have to take care of many things.

Some of the things that existing website owner need to know:

Files interlinking

CSS, JavaScript and Image files may break. These files are hosted on your server and are included in different pages of website as required. So, you need to check that when you transfer your website from HTTP to HTTPS, the links should not break.


You need to redirect your every URL from HTTP to HTTPS. For that you can use 301 redirect or .htaccess


Update the robots.txt file. Add new sitemaps to the file and ensure the robots.txt does not block important pages.

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS





Not Secured


Uses Port: 80

Uses Port: 443

No Encryption


Speed: No Change

Speed: Little Slow

Visibility: http is not visible

Visibility: http:// is visible with URL in the browser


Do you know in case of amount is lost, your SSL company will give claim according to the package.

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