What is Cache Data or Cache Memory?
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What is Cache Data?

What is Cache Data?

 Amrit Pal Singh  02-10-2017  Website  No Categories

Talking about What is Cache, Cache in simple terms is just a data that stores on your computer, mobile etc. Caches are created automatically by bt browser. It improves the website loading speed if you are a returning visitor.

You must have observed like if you open a website for the first time it takes time to load and if you open that website again the loading time reduces. This is because of Cache Data. Cache data store data of your website on your system and helps to load faster when the user visit is again.

If you are using a WordPress website, your website loading time will be more because as compared to simple HTML website WordPress has a lot more files on the server.

If you face some issues like your developer updated the style of javascript on your website but it is still not reflected to know, maybe that is because of your system caches. 

How to Clear Cache Data?

To clear data on Google Chrome you have to press an add-on key when you refresh your page. Normally to refresh your web page you press "F5" but this time to Clear Cache Data you have to Press

"Ctrl + F5" Shortcut key to clear Cache

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