What Is Picture In Picture Mode In WhatsApp?
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What Is Picture In Picture Mode In WhatsApp?

What Is Picture In Picture Mode In WhatsApp?

 Amrit Pal Singh  11-05-2018  No Tags  whatsApp

The most popular social chatting app i.e. the WhatsApp message got a new update. Update 2.18.51 has this update. According to this update in WhatsApp user can see Instagram and Facebook view within the WhatsApp. Like YouTube views now users can see Facebook and Instagram videos in WhatsApp.

In the earlier times when a user clicks on the Facebook or Instagram video it would open in your respective apps. Now WhatsApp has changed this and user can see video within WhatsApp. May be everybody didn’t have this update but in few weeks everybody would got this update.

Now you can chat and watch video at the same time. You don’t have to see “wait for 5 minutes” when you have to watch a video. The video will play in the video bubble at the top of screen. You can move the video bubble anywhere you can have such options like pause, play, close and full screen. This was launched in January to IPhone users.

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