What is WhatsApp Business?
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What is WhatsApp Business?

What is WhatsApp Business?

 Amrit Pal Singh  24-05-2018  No Tags  whatsApp

WhatsApp has 2 messengers. First is your personal WhatsApp which you use every day for all the activities and the other one is WhatsApp for business. The look and feel are similar except the logo. Apart from logo WhatsApp business has some additional options such as business name, website, location etc. The logo of WhatsApp business contains “B” of white color as in personal WhatsApp use a phone symbol of white color.

Can I use the same number for both personal WhatsApp and WhatsApp for business?

 The answer is no. You can't use the same mobile number for both the WhatsApp. If you try to register your mobile number which is already registered with WhatsApp earlier you will be log out of your previous WhatsApp account and will be registered in WhatsApp for business.


A Business account with a green checkmark badge in its profile has been verified as “an authentic brand” by WhatsApp.

A Business account with a grey checkmark badge in its profile, meanwhile, has been confirmed to be using a phone number that matches the phone number of the business it claims to be owned and operated by.

Is WhatsApp for business free?

Yes. It is completely free.

Do you know WhatsApp can be linked to your website contact forms too. But, unfortunately currently is feature is not for all. This feature is given only to some of the companies.



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