WhatsApp New Feature to Manage Bulk Message and Spam
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WhatsApp New Feature to Manage Bulk Message and Spam

WhatsApp New Feature to Manage Bulk Message and Spam

 Amrit Pal Singh  03-03-2018  No Tags  whatsApp

To improve user experience now WhatsApp is working on a new update of managing bulk message and spam messages. WhatsApp is basically targeting to those messages which a send in bulk for marketing and other purposes. If a user does not want to receive such message he/she has the option to manage them. As you have seen earlier WhatsApp owned by Facebook has created a lot of new features to improve the user experience. Some recent features like Pay through WhatsApp with UPI feature. Privacy options for status, live locations etc.

Now, now about the new feature of WhatsApp to manage the bulk message. Now WhatsApp will create distinguish between regular messages and spam messages.

How this will work?

If the spam message has been forwarded from any other group or taken from one of the members of a chat group it will be created as a spam message. From the sourced, we have collected the information that this new feature will show a small bubble and a string of “Forwarded Message” will appear under it which have been taken or forwarded from other chat. A message will be treated as a spam and will be highlighted under the bubble only when it has been shared a lot of times.

If we talk about a spammer, so his activity is to send the same message to many people at once by selecting his/her contact list or from some registration service or straight from the internet. Usually, these messages are fake, unwanted or suspicious.

Apart of this WhatsApp is adding new stickers to it chat also. These features will be available to users soon.

Do you know about the recent feature of WhatsApp? It about UPI feature to transfer money to other WhatsApp user. You can read more about it. UPI Feature Now On WhatsApp

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