WordPress Website Do’s and Don’ts?
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WordPress Website Do’s and Don’ts?

WordPress Website Do’s and Don’ts?

 Amrit Pal Singh  17-12-2019  Website  WordPress

WordPress is open-source software that can be used to make a beautiful website or blog. It may be the simplest and most flexible blogging and website content management system (CMS) for beginners.

Do’s and Don’ts When Using WordPress:

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Things to DO for your WordPress Website

1. Consider Buying A Premium Theme

Though free themes cost zero, it may not have all the functionalities you're looking for. The most important advantage of a premium theme is that you can get maximum features and support. It’s a licensed theme so you will never face copyrights issues.

2. Setup a Permalink Structure

In terms of SEO and ranking, the permalink structure is a very important part of your WordPress website. It is recommended to use the SEO friendly URL. It means to use keywords/title in the URL. You can change the Permalink structure of your website from the settings to form a user-friendly and SEO friendly URL.

3. Use Social Media for Promoting your website

As you begin to make your online presence social media is one of the key tools to succeed in most of your audience. Most of the new websites go unnoticed however you can help your website get noticed by using social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter have come a long way over the past few years so that the brands will promote their business website.

This can help your website drive a lot of traffic and also help getting indexed more quickly. A large number of visitors can come to your website through social media. So, to establish your business successfully online you must promote your website on social media and get real-time traffic on your website.

4. Purchase Good WordPress Hosting

A lot of companies offer cheap web hosting services however fail to match your website traffic. That results in a slow website or server errors.

How do you decide whether a web host is good or bad?

There are several factors involved while choosing a web host. Some key features that matters are bandwidth, disk storage, server period, money-back-guarantee, customer support and so on. Remember, while choosing your WordPress hosting supplier to select the one that suits your web site wants. Invariably decide the simplest low-cost WordPress hosting which is not only cost-efficient but additionally provides hassle-free hosting so that you'll be able to target your business.

5. Have a Backup Plugin

What if someday your website suddenly crashes and you have nothing left? creating a backup of your WordPress web site is that the best thing that you simply will do. It gives you peace of mind and can save you from a disaster. it's your responsibility to take the backup of your website. There are lots of free and paid WordPress plugins available for backup and these plugins are quite simple to use.


Things you should Don’t on your WordPress Website

1. Use copyrighted data

Not only the text but also videos and photos that are protected by the copyright laws are not supposed to be used without the permission of the owner. It will be considered illegal. It can't only put you in hassle, however, it also leads to lawsuits. Always write genuine content for your website. It also helps you in Google Ranking. In case you found guilty in Copywrite issues, you have to bear the fine and penalties.

2. Get rid of these unnecessary widgets

By default, WordPress comes with some default widgets. This helps you perform basic actions like videos, text, pictures and a lot more. Very few of these widgets are utilized. With all the unnecessary widgets things can get messier and it'll become difficult for you to search out the one you need to use. Get rid of these unnecessary widgets. You can deactivate or delete all the widgets that you don’t want to use.

3. Forget to change the Default Title and Tagline

Title and tagline are one of the crucial factors that help in identifying your website. It tells your audience and search engines about the website. Even though they'll not show in your theme, they will appear in search results. You'll be able to amendment this beneath by opening “Settings > General” in your WordPress dashboard Setting Option.

4. Simply Set and Forget

Just because WordPress is an easy business model, doesn’t mean you'll be able to sit back and let the magic happens. WordPress is continually upgrading its product and services and your business is meant to evolve with it. Don’t simply get stuck with old features try adding some more new options to your website to gain more advantages. Keep the website up to date as recommended by the WordPress Developer. Not every time you need to update WordPress.

5. Never Ignore Your Website Security

Website attacks are growing rapidly. Hackers can enter your website in a lot of ways and can seriously impact your website. Right from stealing private data, taking control of your website or implementing any of the web attacking methods your website.

Your website may become vulnerable to attackers if correct measures are not taken. You will not understand the importance of the security of your website unless your site has been hacked. A lot of you take care of your security and it is harder for a hacker to enter your website. Some security measures that you can take for your WordPress website are regularly updating WordPress, keeping strong passwords, guard against attacks, installing security plugins, etc.

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