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How To Export Linkedin Contacts?

Linkedin is a social platform where users connect to other users in the professional world. Linkedin is also used for jobs and it works awesome in B2B Business. Data mining is an important part of people view more...

 Amrit Pal Singh   20-09-2017 linkedin, social media  social media
Why Google Adwords is Better Than SEO?

This is a common question for a person who is starting online marketing. A person basically knows that in Google AdWords we have to spend for each and every click and if we go for SEO well will rank on view more...

Importance of Social Media for Job Search

Do you know 92% of companies are using social media to know about the candidates? It’s not about LinkedIn only, Recruiters use Facebook and other social media also about the life and interests of view more...

 Amrit Pal Singh   25-02-2018 social media  social media, jobs
How to Increase Facebook Likes?

Having so many Facebook likes allowed us to create an engaged community of people who admired our niche and, more importantly, our products. The high capacity of products we sold because our Facebook popularity view more...

 Amrit Pal Singh   28-11-2019 social media, online promotion, facebook  online marketing, social media
6 Powerful Free Tips for Facebook Marketing

What is Facebook Marketing? Facebook could be a social media channel that allows businesses to promote their products and services to the available users. Facebook promoting is often achieved through view more...

 Amrit Pal Singh   17-11-2019 social media, online promotion, facebook  online marketing, social media
Google Ads VS Facebook Ads

Which Should You Use Google Ads VS Facebook Ads? Many advertisers used Google Ads and Facebook Ads for advertising. The 2 companies’ long-standing rivalry, often dramatized by technology media view more...

How to promote your business with Facebook ads

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin have a huge audience base and they manage user’s data in such a manner that their age, location, interest, gender, what they search for, view more...

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