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What is Cache Data?

Talking about What is Cache, Cache in simple terms is just a data that stores on your computer, mobile etc. Caches are created automatically by bt browser. It improves the website loading speed view more...

 Amrit Pal Singh   02-10-2017 Website  No Categories
What are MIME types?

Full form of MIME is Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. It is basically the file type, in other words format of the file. If we take an example of an image, its type can be of “png”,”jpg” view more...

 Amrit Pal Singh   02-02-2018 Website  Website Designing
How to migrate Wordpress site manually?

To move Wordpress website to new domain take care of few things before starting the process. • Download Cpanel Backup • Download SQL Backup • Download Website Backup (public_html) • view more...

 Amrit Pal Singh   14-02-2018 Website  Website Development, WordPress
WordPress Website Do’s and Don’ts?

WordPress is open-source software that can be used to make a beautiful website or blog. It may be the simplest and most flexible blogging and website content management system (CMS) for beginners. Do’s view more...

 Amrit Pal Singh   17-12-2019 Website  WordPress
Importance of HTTPS In Websites

User’s data protection is the top most priority of every website owner who is having an online payment gateway. HTTPS is a secure protocol that helps to protect your customer’s information view more...

 Amrit Pal Singh   16-06-2018 Website  Website Designing
5 Benefits of having a Website for Small Business

1. Two-way communication In traditional times, businesses use TV, Radio, Newspaper and more to advertise their products but all these ways of promotion were one-sided communication methods. Only the view more...

 Amrit Pal Singh   30-04-2020 Website  online marketing, Website Designing
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